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Pylons, Wind Farms and Politics

In 2009 the Fianna Fail/Green government gave Eirgrid the go ahead to construct a network of high voltage Pylons throughout the Leinster region to collect Wind Farm energy to be transferred to Britain to the inter-connector. On Wicklow County Council, Fine Gael and Fianna Fail councillors have supported this projected; this is a matter of public record.

The present Fine Gael led government is following the same policy to build a network of Pylons in areas of West and South Wicklow.

On Wicklow County Council Cllr Cullen led the opposition plans; he called special meetings of the council to debate the issue and was successful in having resolutions passed opposing these proposals.

He was opposed by Fine Gael and Fianna Fail councillors who supported the Pylons and Wind Farms. Cllr Cullen pointed out that without the Wind Farms there would be no requirement for Pylons. He has been proven correct.

Cllr Cullens resolutions opposing the Pylons in Wicklow have been successfully approved by Wicklow County Council. 

He also brought about a review of the councils Wind Farm zoning policy which is currently underway.

This again, is a matter of public record.

Both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have received substantial political donations from Wind Energy sector that support the Pylons.

"Cynically coming close to the Council Elections the government is postponing decisions on the pylons and Wind Farms until after these elections. They must think people will be fooled by this stroke"

ay governments understand. Voting for Cllr Cullen will be a clear and unambiguous statement against the proposed Pylons and Wind Farms in your area.